Optical Dispensing Numbers You Have to See to Believe

Posted by Tyler Dolezal on Thu, Sep 20, 2012 @ 08:09 AM

Optical Dispensing Numbers You Have to See to BelieveWhen it comes to optical dispensing online, we imagine the numbers most eyecare providers are concerned about are their patients perscription strength. But have you ever stopped and wondered about the magnitude of resources online ordering with VisionWeb brings to your finger tips every day? After taking a minute to analyze our data, we've found some optical dispensing numbers you have to see to believe!


The number of orders the average eyecare practice places in one year. Keep this number in mind when thinking about the time savings of online ordering!


The number of days an order is saved on VisionWeb once it is archived, which means easy access to patient records! We keep your archived records for two years! So the next time an infrequent patient comes in, you can still quickly access their previous orders online.


The number of spectacle lens suppliers connected to the VisionWeb ophthalmic product ordering network. VisionWeb's supplier network is the eyecare industry's most robust, yet easy-to-use, suite of services for online product ordering. With this many supplier connections, it's easy to see why!


Most of you are probably familiar with this number. It's here to represent the number of days a year that your practice can place orders online through VisionWeb's online ophthalmic product ordering service.


The percent of recently surveyed eyecare providers who say that online ordering makes their practice more efficient compared to phone and fax ordering.


The number of seconds it took Strom Floyd from @AmazingEyes1 to place a sample order, error free, on VisionWeb. Talk about fast and efficient!


The number of hours wasted every year by eyecare practices ordering over the phone and fax instead of using an online ordering service for eye doctors.


The number of leading practice management systems with a VisionWeb ordering integration.


The number of tracer interfaces compatible with VisionWeb's online ordering service - giving you the ability upload trace files to accompany your spectacle lens orders


The number of different types of products you can order on VisionWeb (spectacle lenses, contact lenses, stock lenses, frames).


The number of VisionWeb royaly programs for AOA and OAA members who place their orders online via VisionWeb. The VisionWeb Royalty Programs help support these important organizations, and all you have to do is take advantage of online ophthalmic product ordering. There’s no cost to you, just benefits for you and your organizations!


The average number of minutes a practice saves on each order by placing an order through VisionWeb instead of via the phone or fax.


The number of errors contained in an order sent to a lab on VisionWeb. Optical ordering services through VisionWeb automatically error-checks all orders before they are submitted - making it virtually impossible to submit a job to the lab that can't be made because of an invalid product/treatment combination.

These optical dispensing numbers just begin to tell the story of efficiency that your practice gains when ordering on VisionWeb. Register for a free account to take full advantage today.


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