The 10 Insider Tips For Ultimate Eyecare Practice Efficiency

The "How To" on Effectively Managing Eyecare Practice Efficiency


The 10 Insider Tips For Ultimate Eyecare Practice Efficiency

Imagine this situation.

The phone rings. It’s 87-year-old forgetful Frannie Sue calling to check up on her new spectacle lenses for the fifth time this week. Of course, you are quite fond of Frannie, she has been a loyal customer for years, so you don't mind helping her out. Unfortunately for you, you called in her spectacle lens order so you now have to pick up the phone to call and check on the status.

After finally getting a hold of the lab, and then thoroughly explaining to Frannie Sue that her new-fangled cell phone is on mute, you tell Frannie that her spectacle lenses will be ready in about three days. You then wish her a good evening and prepare yourself for the plethora of calls to be made next week.

So what are your options now?

Because you must call the laboratory to check on all your customers' orders that you place over the phone, it is obvious that you have not achieved efficiency at your eyecare practice. But what is there to do?

Don’t fret! Frannie Sue may be calling again (and again… and again) next week, but there is an online ordering solution to improve your eyecare practice efficiency! In fact, you will be able to check order status online 24/7!

But first, check out these 10 insider tips for ultimate eyecare practice efficiency! Managing your practice will be easy as pie. All you need to do is download our FREE eBook, 10 Easy Ways to Boost Practice Efficiency and you’ll be on your way to becoming an efficiency expert!

Spoiler Alert:

  • Discover what inefficiencies are holding you back
  • Stop bad eyecare product ordering habits
  • Elimate time-wasting calls to suppliers
  • Maximize all the benefits of your practice management system
  • And much more!


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