5 Ways a Cloud Practice Management System Adds Value to Your Practice

Every practice is looking for ways to add value to their practice whether it's by saving money, saving time, increasing data security, higher patient satisfaction, or by building greater efficiency on day-to-day tasks. And a cloud practice management system can help add value to your practice in each of those areas. Not everyone knows how utilizing the cloud can help their practice gain value and succeed. So we're here to help explain the different ways that a cloud practice management system could add value to your practice!

Money Saver

Cloud practice management systems can be a big money saver compared to traditional practice management systems. Client server systems have heavy upfront hardware costs, plus additional maintenance and upgrade fees. But with cloud-based systems there are no heavy upfront costs, and the payment plan is usually based off a monthly subscription plan. Included in the monthly subscription fee are maintenance and upgrade costs that the system vendor handles themselves. Upgrades happen automatically without any additional purchases for your practice.

Time Saver

cloud-based systemCloud practice management systems also require less setup than systems that have to be installed on each computer. With a cloud-based system, users have access to the system by logging in through a URL, so there is no time wasted getting software installed on every computer in the office, which means a faster go-live time when you get started.

Cloud systems also save time because mutliple employees can have access to and edit data in real time. So as a patient travels from room-to-room during an appointment their file can be open in more than once place and continuously updated.

Better Security

Practice management systems built in the cloud have to adhere to strict government and HIPAA regulations when it comes to data security. For example, Uprise has 128-bit encryption, separate databases for each user, data centers secured with a number of physical controls to prevent unauthorized access, and a number of other measures to ensure privacy and security at all times. This is tighter security than most eyecare practices would be able to provide on their own on-site at their office. And if your information is stored in the cloud it is also protected from any disasters that could occur at your practice, like a fire.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Some cloud-based practice management and EHR systems come with a patient portal that can  be a huge benefit to your patients. Patient portals give your patients the ability to interact online with healthcare professionals. They are also able to update their personal info and track lab results, vaccine info, prescriptions, and treatment plans. And, with an EHR patient info is easily shared between different clinics and doctors which helps reduce the need for patients to take repeated tests and fill out duplicate forms at each doctor visit.

Greater Day-to-Day Efficiencyeyecare practice

Storing your data in the cloud also helps to increase daily tasks around the office. Want to use tablets that you can carry from room-to-room? No problem. With a cloud-based system you're able to log into the system from any device, anywhere. That includes logging in from home if you need to finish up work after hours! Cloud-based systems also encourage collaboration between employees throughout the office, because as we mentioned before, multiple users are able to access the same data at the same time.

Cloud-based practice management systems can provide great advantages to any eyecare practice, big or small. And it's important to weigh all your options when searching for the right practice management system that will fit with your practice. Check out Uprise and see if it fits the needs of your practice!

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