How a Cloud Practice Management System Impacts Your Eyecare Practice

Cloud-based technology has been around for a while now, and you may already
be enjoying cloud practice management systemsome of the perks of cloud-based solutions in your office. And whether or not you've already started taking advantage of the cloud, using cloud applications in new ways is an exciting opportunity that your practice should probably be exploring!

Many practices have already made the switch to electronic medical records, which give them the freedom to free up space that was once occupied by filing cabinets. And with more doctors choosing to utilize a cloud practice management system, eyecare practices have the chance to fee up more space digitally from your hardware, which can be a big time and money saver! But it doesn't just stop there. Cloud-based practice management and EHR solutions can do a lot of other things for your practice as well.

Getting Your Practice Started With a Cloud Practice Management System

Rising to The Cloud

For those of you who haven't switched any processes to the cloud, we know that change can be scary. Especially when it comes to programs and tasks that your entire practice relies on. And maybe you aren't ready for such a big shift, but there are some things you can be doing to get more familiar with how cloud-based technology works and makes daily tasks more efficient. 

cloud computing in eyecare

  • Use Google Drive to share documents that require regular updates such as staff scheduling sheets.
  • Share large documents through Dropbox if your email has maximum file capacity.
  • Opt out of paper statements when receiving bills or claim filing.
  • Hold off on making any major hardware or software purchases. Cloud-based solutions will become more and more prevalent, and you might want to consider the cloud when making your next big purchase.

Practice Management & EHR

Maybe you're a small independent practice, or maybe a large practice with multiple locations. It doesn't matter. A cloud-based practice management and EHR solution is flexible and customizable to any practice's needs.

  • ODs and staff have access to their system and data from anywhere. Cloud-based systems can be logged into from any device with Internet access. iPads are becoming more and more popular in the exam room. This is a great option for ODs, as they can carrry the tablet with them from room-to-room without having to log in and out between stations. 
  • ODs can manage electronic health records and track history such as past purchases.
  • The billing process is facilitated when the system is integrated with an online-based clearinghouse service.

What You Should Know

Whether you decide to just get familiar with cloud services, or make a big investment in cloud-based technology for your practice, there are a few things you should know.

  • Do your research on vendors. Make sure they are trusted, reputable, and educated.
  • Most cloud service providers back up their data in at least three places, but for extra security you could request back up storage in your practice.
  • Look for solutions that are comprehensive, affordable, and easy to use. You're looking for a professional and personal lifestyle solution, not just a software.

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