How You're Overpaying for Practice Management Software

There are a lot of costs to consider when purchasing a new practice management software. And even some costs that you might not initially think of like costs for third-party and add-on solutions. Not only is the practice management and EHR solution a big part of the costs, but most practices use a variety of other solutions to manage their practices. We're talking about tools like patient recall solutions, claim filing clearinghouses, ePrescribing, code verification, patient education tools, frame information catalogs, business analytics, and online product ordering.

Adding Up the Costs of Your Practice Management Software

Are you going to have to maintain separate agreements with each of these vendors and integrate them into your system? Or, are these solutions included in basic functionality of the system so that you can cut the additional third party fees from your monthly spending? Want to evaluate the costs of different systems? Check out our total cost of ownership worksheet!

Practice Management Software

And just as a reminder, Uprise comes with a variety of embedded tools that require no CD installation or additional costs! This will help you and your practice provide the best care possible without the extra time and hassle of manual integrations.

Uprise Embedded Tools:

Eyemaginations gives patients access to educational materials about their assessments using EHCO by Eyemaginations.

CodeSAFE® from ReimbursementPLUS® helps you navigate complex insurance and Medicare rules by providing rea time, zip code specific CPT® rules and regulations, covered CPT-ICD_9 combinations, and incompatible CPT coding pairing information for services performed on the same day of service.

Frames Data imports data, such as pricing information, to your catalogs during setup, instead of entering manually. You don't need a subscription and you don't even have to load a CD. It's already there.

4PatientCare messages your patients through text and email. Send appointment reminders, recalls, order notifications, and surveys with one tool. Accumulate reviews through your patient survey to make your practice stand out on the web. Enable patients to book appointments online through your website and Facebook page in real time, 24/7.

If you're shopping around for a practice management and EHR solution be sure to weigh all of your options. Check out our latest eBook for more information on selecting the right system for you!

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