Can Your Optometry Software Be Your Secret To Improving Patient Care?

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Mon, Jul 03, 2017 @ 10:07 AM

Technology plays a significant role in our life. Yet, in the optometry community, many practices are still relying on paper charts or server-based optometry solutions to track and document a patient’s journey through the practice. While you and your staff may be comfortable using your server-based EHR or paper charts, your patients may be the ones affected by the lack of innovation in your optometric practice.

In this post, we’ll look at a few of the ways your practice can benefit from cloud-based optometry software.

How You Can Enrich Patient Care Using Optometry Software

Eliminate Data Entry ErrorsUse optometry software to improve the patient care

Data entry errors compromise your practice’s efforts to administer quality care. Eliminate the chance of making data entry errors by using optometry software that pulls patient demographic information from the patient portal and puts it into the cloud-based practice management and EHR solution. Additionally, with clinical decision support, a single entry can automatically populate diagnosis, treatment, orders, special testing, and patient education material based on best practices to reduce errors.

Increase Communication

Effective communication is vital to increasing the patient’s trust, satisfaction, and understanding of a diagnosis. To ensure you’re communicating effectively with your patients, use a modern, cloud-based EHR solution that comes with built-in tools to effectively get your message across.

With a built-in patient recall solution, your staff can create automatic patient recall messages, which are sent via text or email based on the patient’s preferred communication method. In addition, you can use an embedded library of patient education resources to review diagnosis-based, digital learning materials with your patients during the exam.

Enable Secure Accessibility

In order to deliver optimal care, your practice needs access to your patient’s information. But, access to this information is also important for your patients. Give your patients a secure way to manage their healthcare through a patient portal. With a patient portal, your patients have the ability to fill out pre-exam forms, review patient education materials, schedule appointments, and communicate with your staff.

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