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Posted by Madhu Singh on Wed, Oct 16, 2019 @ 03:10 AM

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The mark of a good coding & compliance tool is when optometrists don't even notice it. The best tools work seamlessly in the background of your EHR and practice management software to check all diagnosis and insurance codes before they're submitted.

For those of you who use CodeSAFE®, you don't have to memorize changes and updates to the CPT and ICD-10 codes or other compliance rules. That was Dr. Rumpakis's goal when he developed the software back in 1999.

Keep reading to hear Dr. Rumpakis's story and hear what you might be missing out on.

How CodeSAFE® Makes Exams Easier

As you know, CodeSAFE® and CodeSAFEPLUS® are the leading CPT and ICD data integrations for eyecare practices in the US.

When doctors were switching to online solutions 20 year ago, Dr. Rumpakis started to receive a large volume of coding and compliance questions. That's how he found that there was a need for the CodeSAFE® software. He wanted to create a tool that would automatically aggregate the information for every rule, regulation, reimbursement, insurance code, and more without any additional work on the optometrist's part.

We think Dr. Rumpakis created the perfect solution. Uprise was proud to be one of CodeSAFE®'s first integration partners back in 2012 and we've only strengthened our connection in the years following. Additionally, the tool is automatically embedded within Uprise at no cost to your practice.

Watch the full video of Dr. Rumpakis below.

Dr. Rumpakis CodeSAFE Interview

Ready to look at more tools within Uprise? Watch our PM video below.


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