Creating A Labor Day Special In Your Eyecare Practice

Labor Day is a federal holiday celebrating Americans participating in the workforce. It is celebrated every year on the first Monday in September, intended to give workers a long weekend. Offices can use this holiday to create promotions to give back to every day dedicated workers.

Today, let's discuss how to create a Labor Day Special in your eyecare practice to help encourage patients to order from your optical and how these promos can benefit your optical sales.

Labor Day Promotions In Your Eyecare Practice


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As mentioned, offering a Labor Day Special in your practice will help encourage patients to buy from your optical. One promo to consider is offering a BOGO (buy one, get one). For example, if you implemented a BOGO promo on frames, you could offer to buy one pair of frames and get a second one for free. Offering a BOGO sale makes customers feel they are getting the most value out of their money. It is more likely for them to purchase more expensive lenses, which could help make up for any revenue loss from the sale.

Free Eye Exam with the Purchase of Contacts Lenses or Frames

Another promo to offer is a free eye exam with the purchase of any contact lenses or frames. A free eye exam is a great way to attract new patients into your practice and guarantees they will purchase their frames and contacts through your optical. If your opticians have a consistent sales approach, there is an excellent opportunity to upsell customers with an additional purchase of frames or higher-quality lenses.

20% Off Sunglass Prescriptions

Now that we've covered the benefits of offering a BOGO promotion and a free eye exam by purchasing contact lenses or frames, let's discuss offering a 20% off sunglasses prescriptions promo. Although this promotion, compared to the other two might not bring new patients in on its own, it can be stacked with other specials, allowing the opticians to upsell.

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