Optometry Marketing: Reaching Families in Your Area

Marketing your practice to reach families is no easy feat when you’re trying to operate and maintain your practice. It can, however, be made possible and relatively simple by following important marketing tactics

Whether you have a solid family base in your practice and you’re aiming to attract more, you aren’t serving any families currently, or you’re somewhere in between, these marketing tips will help get you noticed in your community, no matter where you’re at with your family patient base.

How to Reach Families in Your CommunityFamily Eye Doctor

Google My Business, Google Ads, and Google Maps

Win your local search environment. Capitalize on Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google Ads to drive potential families to your website. Do this by encouraging families to leave reviews online that specifically mention how your practice cares for families. For additional information, refer to these two articles on Google Ads and managing your Google My Business pages to learn how to own your online presence.


Word-of-mouth marketing is a smart way to attract new families to your practice. Parents talk to other parents to find quality service providers, and it’s very likely they will ask pediatricians for OD referrals as well. Offer a referral program, such as handing out gift cards to parents that referred you, or offering a discount for patients that were referred by a pediatrician to create an incentive for new families to join your practice.

Social Media

Build your social media following by creating informative and helpful content to direct parent’s to your practice. According to a Pew Research study, 81% of mothers use Facebook, and 59% of them indicate they’ve come across useful parenting information within the last 30 days of using the app. Speak to this group through social media and create share-worthy content they can pass along to their friends. This will allow your practice to gain more traction and get new families through your door.  

Advertising with Local Daycares and Schools

Parents are busy, so make their lives simpler by bringing your practice directly to the places they frequent. Post flyers or posters, set out brochures, or speak to administrators in local daycares and schools to increase the visibility of your practice in your community. Not only will you be able to reach more patients this way, but it will open the door to build relationships with local businesses and potentially run any future marketing events or discounts with them.  

Do you use any of these marketing tips in your practice? Feel free to share your success in the comments!

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