How to Boost Efficiency with Optometry Software

January is already coming to an end, but if you have not set your new year resolutions, it’s not too late! Boosting efficiency in your practice should be top of your list and we’re going to show you how in a few easy steps! Many may think that having an optometry office software, such as a practice management or clearinghouse, is good enough. But just because you think that your practice is running efficiently doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved!

4 Ways to Boost Optometry Office Software Efficiency

1. Discover the Source of Inefficiencies

Optometry_Office_Software1-1Does your optometry office software get the job done? Before you start finding another solution to become more efficient, try looking within your practice for inefficiencies. All practices are different and have unique needs. So a solution that may be great for one practice might not work for yours. Before you attempt to refine processes that you think are inefficient, get feedback from your staff. Some questions to ask include:

  • What is holding the practice back?
  • What daily processes do you think are the biggest waste of time and resources?
  • What processes frustrate you?
  • Which part of the workflow takes the longest? Does it delay other processes in your workflow?

When you have your answers, you can start evaluating the most problematic processes and seek specific solutions. If your current system just isn’t cutting it, start looking for a new solution!

 2. Stop Doing Duplicate Work

Does your practice use a practice management system? Is it equipped with integrations such as ordering and claim filing? If the answers are yes, don’t forget to use them! Otherwise, you are letting your staff waste time re-keying orders and claims when they don’t need to. Ordering integrations, for example, save time because the information that is already entered in your practice management system is used to create and submit orders to your suppliers within the system.

Integrations are great because they add a lot of value and don’t cost extra, but they can be time consuming to set up. If you are happy with the practice management system you are using, make sure you use the integrations, but if you are looking to switch, look for one that already has these functions embedded in the system. Embedded tools mean that you won’t have to spend time installing the feature and dealing with compatibility issues.

3. Follow the Money 

Does your practice management come with extremely detailed reporting and analytics features? Billing and claims is a big part of your practice’s business. It directly impacts your practice revenue, so we urge you to stay on top of your claims through every step of the process. You should be able to know within hours if your claims have been accepted for processing, or if there is an error in the claim, so you can quickly react if a claim needs attention.


When your claim has been accepted, your system should be able to generate reports that can help you identify issues such as billing errors and unusual billing patterns for the month. Other important reports to have include insights about your patient database such as appointment durations, demographics, and best-selling ophthalmic products.

4. Maximize the Benefits of Your Practice Management System 

Whether you are shopping for a practice management system or thinking about your current one, we want you to get the most out of your investment. Here are two ways to get started:

  • Know all of the features and use them: You might be surprised to know that your practice management system might be able to help you do a lot more than just your routine processes. It may be time to go back to your practice management’s user guide to see what you may be missing.
  • Train all your staff: Thorough training will get your money’s worth out of your practice management investment. When staff members are not adequately trained, they will be reluctant to use new features, more prone to mistakes, and be less efficient in general.

Having the right pracctice managment and EHR system is a critical part of changing your office workflow. But how do you know which software will help you increase your efficiency? You need to make sure you are asking vendors the right questions to get the answer. Download our eBook for the complete list of questions to help you make the right choice - no matter what stage of the buying journey you are in.

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