Why Integrated Online Ordering is Important for Your Workflow

We've stressed the benefits of online ordering in the past, explaining how it proves to be a better method than the traditional ways of phone calls and fax machines. However, online ordering can also help your office workflow improve drastically if you are using an integrated ordering solution with your practice management solution.

Today, we want to highlight some of the benefits that integrated ordering systems offer your workflow.

4 Ways Built-In Online Ordering Helps Your Office Workflow

VW Ordering NPS website image 1. You'll Get the Job Done Faster

Throughout the exam, you enter so much patient specific information into your practice management system, so it doesn’t make sense to re-enter that information when submitting product orders. When you utilize an ordering system that's integrated, or built-in, to your practice management software you can use information already saved in your system to create orders, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. Being able to create and submit orders faster from your practice management system, will allow you more time to spend with your patients and the ability to offer them better care while they are in your office. Did we mention that orders placed with an online solution get returned 1-2 days faster than with other ordering methods?

2. One Simple System

Switching back and forth from your practice management system and then going online to place your orders with various lab websites might not seem like it takes that much time out of your day, but when you are having to do it for every patient you see, it can add up. By opting for built-in ordering, you'll be able to place orders directly from your practice management system to all of your labs, allowing you to speed up your workflow. In addition, you can track orders directly from your practice management system, without having to switch over to a new system. Basically, you'll have all the information you need right in front of you, in one simple solution.

3. Integrate Lens Personalization Devices

You can boost your workflow even more by integrating lens personalization devices, like Visioffice. Depending on the practice management system you're using, when you integrate the necessary devices and equipment, measurements can be transferred to your practice management system, which will help make the online ordering process even faster.

4. Choose a System You Love

You should be able to use the practice management system you know and love. That's why VisionWeb's online ordering solution offers easy integration with 20 different systems, so you don't have to compromise your favorite software. Or, take a look at our practice management and EHR solution, it comes built-in with VisionWeb's ordering solution so you don't have to go through the process of integrating it with your system, it's already there.

Those are just 4 ways that integrating your online ordering solution with your practice management system can help your office workflow. To discover all the benefits, look into VisionWeb's solution.

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Originally published April 2015. Updated in February 2022.

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