One of the Best Business Resources for Optometric Practices


All the years of clinical training you completed make you a legitimate eyecare expert, but putting that into practice and turning those skills into a successful business is a whole other matter. In this post, I’ll reveal one of the best resources for turning your optometric practice into a successful business.

How the Power Practice Can Help Your Optometric Practice


How the Power Practice Can Help Your Optometric Practice

Unless you found the time to fit a business degree into your education you might be struggling with getting your practice to function like a business. Some of the more common obstacles ODs face when attempting to effectively run their practice like a business include:

  • Building the right type of practice
  • Hiring the best people
  • Motivating your staff
  • Optimizing your workflow and still providing excellent patient care
  • Marketing your services and unique practice strengths

While there are a lot of resources available on how to create a business, however, very few are optometry focused. That’s where the Power Practice comes in.


If you don’t know who Dr. Gary Gerber is, and you have not heard of the Power Practice, let me fill you in on why we think this is important for building your optometric practice into a business.

The Power Practice is an optometry-focused consulting firm specializing in educating doctors on how to become more profitable so that they can enjoy their practice.

Dr. Gerber offers advice through three different education streams:

Through these resources, you will learn business best practices that your practice can use for building business growth, hiring, making workflow improvements, marketing, and motivating your staff. Some of the advice comes in small tweaks that you can make in a day, others can be life-changing insights that will provide a true competitive advantage.

We decided to sponsor the Power Hour Podcast and Power Practice annual meeting because we love this industry and we want everyone in it to be successful. We want you to have all the “secret weapons” you can muster. There are lots of tools available and you never know where the next big idea will come from.

Learn more about the Power Practice: yet, start a conversation with them by emailing

And, to keep up with all of the “secret weapons” an OD needs to be successful, read our ebook interviewing your fellow ODs.

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