Denise Deverelle Crown


The Difference of Working in a One-door vs. Two-door State

We were talking to Dr. Maria Sampalis from Corporate Optometry Careers about one-door and two-door states, when it occurred to me that...

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EHR Software

It’s Time For Smart EHR Software

These days, most optometrists use EHR software. In fact, 80% of the market has one. Initially, an EHR attempted to replace paper, and that...

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How Your Optical Dispensing Services Compare to Online Retailers

My Zenni’s have arrived.

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Uprise EHR & PM, Business Management

One of the Best Business Resources for Optometric Practices

  All the years of clinical training you completed make you a legitimate eyecare expert, but putting that into practice and turning those...

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Optical Dispensing

How Your Optical Dispensing Services May Beat Online Retailers

For the past few months, I’ve seen primetime commercials for Zenni Optical eyeglasses from $6.95. Since startups advertising on primetime...

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