Optical Marketing Advice Your Practice is Not Taking

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Keeping up with optical marketing strategies can be a fun, but time-consuming part of your day. Staying ahead of other practices and online retailers can help you gain the attention of new and existing patients to keep your exam lanes full, and your frames boards profitable.

This post provides a few tips to help your practice become more effective with your optical marketing strategies.

Optical Marketing Tips Your Practice Should Use

Define Target Patients

Get a leg up on thecompetition with these optical marketing tips

Whether your practice is trying to attract new patients by targeting the millennial patient market, or you’re trying to maintain your patient count through effective recall strategies, you need to ensure you’re marketing to the right people.

When defining your target patient personas, it’s important to gather information by analyzing current patient demographics against your community demographics and then use this information to identify what their common needs are, where your marketing would be most effective for them, and how your practice can meet their needs.

Monitor Competitors

In the eyecare industry, competition is fierce. Whether your competition is a neighboring practice located a few blocks away, or an online retailer like Warby Parker or Zenni, your practice needs to keep an eye on the competition to see how they are marketing to their audience and devise a way to capture some of the audience and attract them to your practice.

Once you’ve identified who your competition is, do some research to see what the audience likes about them and how they message their business to attract new patients. If you’re competing mostly with online retailers, you need to understand the appeal of them and fight back by educating your patients on the value of purchasing frames from your practice.

Go Digital With Your Marketing Bucks

Times have changed; advertising in newspapers, radio, and television isn’t as effective as it once was. Leveraging digital marketing strategies for optometric practices can help you reach your demographics using new, more effective advertising streams such as email, social media, online advertisements, and more.

Check out these tips to get started creating an effective digital marketing strategy:

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Online Advertising

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