The Benefits of Handing Out Freebies

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Tue, Aug 25, 2020 @ 14:08 PM

We wrote a post talking about fresh ideas for patient gifts/freebies that your practice can hand out to new patients, loyal patients, or even every patient who walks through your door. Everyone loves to get something for free, so why not make it even better and make it something memorable? A few ideas that we talked about in that article were:

  • Teaming up with another local business, like a local candy shop, to create a unique treat for your patients that could have your logo on the candy or packaging
  • Drink chip to a local brewery
  • Something seasonal, like Halloween or Valentine's Day gifts
  • Fresh flowers

Today, we'll share some optical resources about some of the benefits your practice can gain from handing out freebies, or offering free discounts or free add on items with product purchases. 

Optical Resources: Benefits of Freebies in Your Practice

Generates Positive Brand Association

Even you and I like getting stuff for free, so why wouldn't your patients? It's an easy way to brighten someone's day, and create positive brand association with your practice. And, sometimes it can be about the way you position something for free. Whether it's a practice freebie like the ones we mentioned above, or it's a free add on associated with a purchase they made, like free tinting or coating on a lens, it's going to create a positive association for the patient. Getting something "for free" instead of offering a percent discount on an order might be perceived as a greater gift to a patient, even if the discount would really end up being more than the free offering.

Builds Buying Habits

Getting something for free makes it more likely for patients to give your business a try. If the freebie or giveaway creates a positive experience, it's likely that person will be back for more. Buyers tend to be creatures of habit, so the more buying habits you can create, the more sales and appointments you'll generate in the future. 

Creates Awareness and Buzz

If the freebies you're giving away in your practice are useful items that your patients can use on a daily basis you're going to receive wider brand advertising, and hopefully generate a few conversations from people who noticed the products. Plus, if the freebie is significant or useful your patients won't be able to wait to show it off and tell their friends about it. 

They'll Probably Pay more Later

As we mentioned before, if you're giving something product related away for free, your patients are likely to spend more on something else later. If your adding on freebies to a purchase, the consumer might perceive that they have more room in their budget to purchase something else from you that they would originally be spending that saved money on. 

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Originally published in April 2016

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