The Best Optometry Podcasts Today

How do you take time out of your day to keep updated on the eyecare industry trends, discoveries, changes, and regulations? Podcasts are basically on-demand radio shows you can listen to when you're getting ready in the morning, on your commute to and from the practice, and during your lunch break.

You can actively keep up to date while you go about your day-to-day tasks instead of cutting into your relaxation time. If you're looking for inspirational podcasts to give you good business ideas, we've written a blog post with our top 5 podcasts here. However, if you want more optometry-specific or medical-focused podcasts, read on for our favorite shows.

Podcasts All ODs Need to Hear

Defocus Media's Podcasts

Good For: Education, trends, and really everything

Defocus Media hosts 6 different podcasts to report on all your eyecare news. Their namesake podcast is updated regularly and covers hot topics and current discussions in industry news. VisionTECH podcast keeps you updated on emerging technology you could utilize. Chang Reactions does a deep dive into diseases, contact lenses, and education. Rachel & Kate discuss "equality issues through the lens of optometry". OpTranslate teaches you optical terms in other languages, in case you have a more international patient base. Last but not least, Dry Eye Divas delivers beauty and wellness advice that helps maximize your patient base's eye health. 


The Power Hour 

Good For: ODs looking to hear advice from other ODs

Dr. Gary Gerber gets into the nitty gritty of running a practice, making career changes, and the trials and tribulations of being an OD. The podcast is streamed live so that you can incorporate it into your weekly routine. 



Good For: Fans of INVISION Magazine

INVISION Magazine created this entertaining podcast for eyecare professionals and retailers alike. If you're looking for sales techniques, case studies, hot topics, and current eyecare events, look no further. This podcast only started a few months ago, so all the information is fresh. Get the buzz early!


The OD Entrepreneur Podcast

Good For: Growth hacks from an OD

Every episode is advice from a different OD on marketing, private practice, profits, and even starting a new practice. With 3 years worth of episodes, there's something for everyone. Although they haven't posted recent episodes, their existing content is still useful and evergreen.


SUNY College of Optometry Discussion

Good For: Academic expert opinions

While this is a one-time podcast, it's the only one that includes optometry academics discussing the future of eyecare and how education will account for these changes. If you're currently a student of optometry or looking for ideas on where to take your practice over the next 5-10 years, this might shed some light.


Ten Minute Tutes

Good For: New grads and new practice owners

Optometry Australia brings short, digestible talks every month with diagnosis advice, Medicare tips, and clinical guides. Although it's based out of Australia, we can see this information being useful globally. Bonus: you can listen to it while you're doing your morning routine.


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