Getting Organized After a Tradeshow

Posted by Madhu Singh on Wed, Sep 25, 2019 @ 03:09 AM

After returning from any business-related trip, the last thing on your mind is doing more work. However, once you've had the chance to unpack and get back into your daily routine, it's important to follow up on conversations and action points.

Maybe you just need a post-tradeshow to-do list that you can refer to when you're ready to help you. In this blog, we'll outline who you might need to reach out to and what you should share with your staff after returning from a tradeshow or any eyecare industry event.

Post-Tradeshow Tasks for ODs

Follow-Up Calls and Demos

Look through the business cards you collected or notes you have on any conversations that piqued your interest. If there were equipment and software vendors that stand out from the competition, schedule demos or calls with them for the following week to talk more about their packages. Most tradeshow specials can be extended, especially if the conversation began at the show, so ask them how they might be able to sweeten the deal. However, make sure you're prepared with the right questions.

Workflow Audit

It's likely you networked with other ODs and office managers who had valuable advice on efficiency, hiring, workflow, and practice management. Examine your existing processes to see how you can be more competitive. Look through your notes to see if there's any action you could take immediately, such as minor edits to the messaging on your website or tweaks to your patient education. Make the changes that are short-term while they're fresh in your mind, then discuss implementing more long-term workflow updates with your staff.

Pass on CE Learnings

If you attended any CE courses, you'll definitely need to share your knowledge with your team. For topics that might require deeper billing or medical explanation, set up a lunch and learn where you order in sandwiches and present the information with visual slides. If the topics are easier shown than explained, just take your weekly meeting time to discuss what your team needs to know. This can also be a good way of showing your staff why industry events are valuable to the whole team.

Feel prepared for all your business calls.

Here's a cheat sheet of questions you should ask when talking to vendors.

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