Practice Management Systems: Boosting End of Year Sales with Patient Recall

The end of the year is often the busiest for many healthcare providers as patients are rushing in to use their flex spending dollars before they lose them. But, if you're not seeing an increase in business like you normally do, there are ways that practice management systems can help you advertise and remind your patients to get into your office before the end of the year hits. Some practice management solutions have patient recall software built into their systems to help make this an easy task on you and your staff!

How Patient Recall Can Help Get Patients in Your Door by the End of the Year

What is Patient Recall?practice management systems

4PatientCare is an interactive messaging solution that integrates administrative, clinical, and health plan messaging needs. In other words, you can customize automated messages that you want to send out to your patients via text or email. Taking advantage of this type of tool helps increase patient and practice satisfaction while enhancing clinical outcomes in a cost-effective way! There are several benefits to using a system like this, and we'll go through a few of them today.

How it Will Help You

Automated Messaging

With patient recall you can automatically send email and text reminders to patients based on customized settings, and you can preset the patient recall reason and notification period based on the time of their last visit. When an appointment comes due, recalls will be sent automatically, without any time wasted by your staff.

You can also set pre-appointment reminders via email and text. This is going to save your staff time from going through the day before and calling each appointment for the next day, and it will help lower your no show rates, as patients will be more prepared for their appointments.

Efficient Scheduling

Online scheduling links can be sent along with recall reminders so that your patients can access and view available time slots before booking their appointments online.

Helpful Feedback

Part of providing good customer service is understanding what your patients like and don't like about visits to your office. The only way to improve your services is by getting real customer feedback and making improvements upon them! Surveys can be automatically sent out after appointments and you'll get result notifications when they are completed!

Reminding Patients of Flex Spending

With patient recall you can tailor custom messages to a large batch of your patients at once. So once you hit that final quarter of the year you can start reminding your customers with "Use it or Lose it" messaging through text or email reminders. It might be a good idea to stagger a few different sends to a certain amount of patients so that not all of your patients are trying to schedule appointments at the same time. That way you can be accomodating to as many of your customers as possible!

If you are looking for a practice management system that has patient recall embedded into the system, check out Uprise.

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