Purchasing Optometry Office Software: Tips From The Hunger Games

If you're like us, then you're excited for the release of Catching Fire, the second movie from The Hunger Games series, later this week. Which got us thinking that there are probably some valuable lessons and tips we can learn from Katniss and the other tributes in the arena. In fact, there's probably a few things even your eyecare practice can learn from The Hunger Games.

Advice From The Hunger Games on Purchasing Optometry Office Software

Solve a Problem

In the arena, Katniss and Peeta are forced to solve problem after problem in order to stay alive in the games. Whether it's finding water, escaping from tracker jackers, or hunting down supplies; Katniss and Peeta are world-class problem solvers.

And if you're on the hunt for new optometry office software it's likely that you're looking to find a solution that will help solve current problems in your office. It's important to understand what problems you currently have in your office so that you can find the best solution to fixing these hiccups. Creating a practice profile will help you evaluate and layout all the problems you're looking to solve.

Stick to Your Strengths optometry office software

Katniss learns early on that her biggest strength in the competition is her ability to work a bow and arrow. And playing up this strength plays a large part in her success throughout the games.

As a practice there are probably parts of your current workflow that are stronger than others, that you would like to continue playing up, even with a new system. Make sure you shop for a system that will allow you to keep utilizing your strengths. Maybe your staff members are pros at online ordering. If that's the case, make sure your system comes integrated with an online ordering solution. To help you become more aware of the strengths and needs of your practice, fill out a requirements description so that when you're shopping around you know exactly what you need!

Learn From the Experts

All of the tributes in The Hunger Games are matched up with a mentor to help them prepare for the games. The mentors are there to provide guidance and tips for getting the tributes through the games safely. Without their mentors the tributes wouldn't know what to expect going into the games.

When deciding on a new optometry office software a good strategy for finding the right system is to get the opinions of your peers. Maybe you've heard about cloud-based technology but aren't sure that it's the right fit for your practice. Look to other ODs who have already been using cloud solutions and get their opinions. One of the great things about optical is that there are a lot of online resources for ODs to get feedback from each other. For example, you can connect with other ODs on Facebook by joining the group, ODs on Facebook. Or maybe check out ODwire.org, a forum site for Optometrists and students to meet and share ideas.

Train Like a Tribute

The tributes only have a few days to really prepare for the arena. They jam-pack their days full of training so that they can be as ready as possible when the real show starts.

Once you decide on a system and get it implemented into your practice, taking the time to train yourself and your staff is an important step. If your staff doesn't learn how to use the system properly there is the potential for them to get frustrated in front of patients when they don't know how to do something. Take the time to get your hands on the system and go over training and support so that when the real show starts, your staff is prepared.

And May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

EHR SoftwareChoosing the right system for your practice puts you and your staff in a position to provide excellent service to your patients. You want a system that is going to fit with your office workflow and not interupt your day-to-day routine while your staff gets familiar using the new solution. Taking the time to select a system that fits your practice needs is going to set up your practice for success in the years to come.


Want more resources for choosing a system that's right for you? Check out our shopping kit that comes will all the tools you need, like our practice profile and requirements description templates!

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