Quiz Your Optometry Software Vendor: How Comprehensive is The System?

As an OD, your time is valuable. While you're not only seeing patients, if you're also the owner of your practice you have a million things on your plate. When you're shopping for new optometry software you need to use your time wisely when talking to vendors so you're able to make an informed decision without wasting too much of your time. Before diving into the buying process, you need to be prepared with all the important questions that you want each vendor to answer so it's as easy as possible for you to compare systems. 

There are several categories of questions that you'll need answered, but today we want to take a look at questions related to how comprehensive the system really is. Some offices might prefer to piece together their workflow with software of their choice, while others prefer one system that can do it all. These questions will help you compare the comprehensiveness of different systems.

10 Questions to Help Evaluate How Comprehensive a System Really Is

  1. What tools are included in the system?optometry software
  2. If required to use third party integrations, are there restrictions to which ones will work with the system?
  3. Is there an extra fee to add claims management, reporting, or other tools to the software?
  4. Does the system come with a patient portal?
  5. Will the patient portal automatically update the medical history and import information into the EHR, or will someone need to manually enter that data into the system?
  6. How do patient recalls work?
  7. Is patient education, needed for Meaningful Use, included?
  8. Can lab orders be placed and tracked with real-time updates within the system or will they need to be checked elsewhere?
  9. Does the system have CPT coding support?
  10. Is ePrescribing included?

System comprehensiveness isn't the only topic of questions you should be asking vendors. There are a lot of other important questions about things like technology, EHR, implementation, support, training, and costs that also need to be asked.

That's why we put together an entire resource dedicated to all of the questions you need to be asking. Get a copy for yourself today to make the shopping experience easier!  

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