Staff Training Books for Optometrists to Read

The success or failure of your practice is largely dependent on your staff. From productivity and motivation to training and development, you want to be sure you give your staff the tools they need to succeed, so your practice will succeed too. 

Since staff is the heart that keeps your practice beating, they need to be prepared and confident in their jobs. Below are 3 resources that will help teach you and your staff lessons your practice needs to serve patients and drive revenue.

3 Resources to Train Staff

Practice Management in Optometry: A Blueprint for Success Based on the Optometric Management Tip of the WeekiStock-1059233826

Are you looking to increase productivity and profitability in your eye care practice? Author, Dr. Gailmard is a well-known expert in optometric practice management and provides clear and practical ideas to help your practice succeed. Gailmard speaks from his own real-world experience in his highly successful practice as well as years of consulting with hundreds of optometrists to provide a blueprint of success. This book covers an array of topics under operational logistics, but it also dives into delegation and staff training, because without a successful team, you won’t have a successful practice. 

How to Measure and Improve Staff Productivity in Private Practice Optometry

How big does my team need to be? How do I give my team a sense of purpose? How do I hold my employees accountable? If you’ve ever found yourself asking these questions, this book will help guide you to the answers. In this book, Wideman leverages his experience and his vast amount of knowledge to provide tips in staff management and team motivation. 

MBA Inventory (stands for “Management By Appreciation): How to Best Show Employees & Co-Workers Appreciation

This resource is designed specifically for those in medical settings who want to boost motivation and appreciation in the workplace. Each staff member will take a 10-minute survey, answering questions about how they most like appreciation in the workplace to be expressed to them. This information will allow you to use language that truly speaks to them. When you know what makes your co-workers happy and feel appreciated, you can apply it. In the process, your positive messages to them, and vice versa, will come through more clearly.

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