How to Never Go Back to In-House Claim Management

There isn't enough time in the day for the optometrist to handle every task in the eyecare practice. Usually, the optometrist will focus on the exam lane and delegate administrative or financial tasks to their office manager. However, how does delegation work on a small, but agile team with finite resources?
When you're deciding which tasks to offload onto your team, where does billing usually end up? Claim filing requires a set of skills that can't easily be learned on the job without some prior training. Dr. Casey Packer realized that he wanted to go straight into hiring an experienced billing service early on. Keep reading to hear how he manages his practice:

Maintaining Work-Life Balance with Casey Packer, OD

casey packerChallenges:

• A small staff with limited claims management knowledge

• High denial rates

• Low revenue from claim reimbursements

Understanding that he needed a way to reduce denials and increase revenue from claim reimbursements, Dr. Packer sought out a billing service to manage the entire claim lifecycle for his practice. In his search, Dr. Packer was looking for someone who demonstrated the ins and outs of insurance billing and could work with his current practice management system without disrupting his normal office workflow. That's when he found VisionWeb's Revenue Cycle Management Service. VisionWeb's RCM service met the criteria that Dr. Packer was expecting from an optometry-specific claims management service provider. Dr. Packer notes, "The transition to using the service was absolutely seamless. We were up and running quickly, and our denial rate dropped before my eyes."


• Increased revenue

• Reduced denials

• Access to reports on claim performance

• Improved work-life balance

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