How to Use Emails Efficiently at Your Eyecare Practice

Posted by Sharon Chin on Thu, Sep 13, 2012 @ 09:09 AM

Email efficiency at your eyecare practiceEver find yourself drowning in a sea of endless emails to read and send? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute and International Data Corp., emails take up 28 percent of an average workers’ time.  That’s more than 2 hours wasted on reading and answering emails every day!

Believe it or not, the way you send emails can affect the number of responses you receive.  Utilizing these few tips will prove that emails can be effective and efficient at your eyecare practice.

  1. Keep It Brief

    As you struggle to keep up with your emails, you can also expect the others to be dealing with the same problem.  So keep your emails concise. To help with that, we discovered Shortmail, a service that gives you the convenience of emailing limited to 500 characters. There are no attachments, junk mail or folders to manage. Your message has to be short and to the point, making it easier for the reader and writer.

    Including several topics on a single email does not necessarily mean that you are being more efficient just because you are sending fewer emails. Your reader might have skimmed the email quickly and left portions of the emails unaddressed. It may just be better sending two separate emails and getting the response you need rather than sending multiple emails back and forth about the same subject and dealing with delayed response time.

    Round up emails also make it difficult to track different issues. You might find it harder to reference these emails in the future when the subject title does not match its content, which brings me to my other tip…

      2. Be Smart About Subject Lines

    Your subject line will determine whether your reader is going to read or toss your email into the trash. Label “Urgent” when necessary and give a clear idea on what the email is about. After going through a database of over five million emails, Boomerang compiled a list of best words to use in your subject line.

    Use: Demo, Connect, Payments, Cancellation, Conference

    Don’t use: Join, Confirm, Assistance, Invite, Social  

    Loading your message with words like “press” and “speaker” is not a good idea if you want a response, especially for email marketing campaigns, compared to using “apply” and “opportunity” which received more responses.

      3. Make Sure Email Content is Reader-Friendly

    Formatting is important to keep in mind when creating your email. While you might want to spice up your email with cool designs, make sure that it will be readable on various browsers and devices. Broken images and page breaks will result in readers unsubscribing to your content or receiving even more emails requesting to re-send the mail.

    Flash and JavaScript are not mobile friendly and you should avoid using them. Email opened on mobile devices increased by 34 percent last year, so you can expect a large percentage of your patients viewing your important emails through a mobile device.  Stick to using bold text, headers and images.

    Use these simple tips for ECPs to change the way you send your emails and improve the efficiency of your practice! Do you have other tips to add to this list? 

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