Pick a New Year's Resolution for Your Eyecare Practice

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Thu, Dec 17, 2015 @ 10:12 AM

It's time to use the holiday season to start thinking about the goals you want your practice to accomplish in 2016! It's easy to start off the new year a little sluggish as you recover from the holidays, buteyecare practice resolutions we're here to encourage you to get the new year off at full speed.

We've got 3 important resolutions your eyecare practice can choose from, along with an eBook full of resources to help you reach your resolution quickly. No matter which resolution you pick, you'll be in good hands and have a head start going into the new year.

Which Resolution will Your Eyecare Practice Tackle in 2016?

Resolution: Optimize Your Workflow

Even if you think your workflow is the best in the game, chances are there are some areas where you could make improvements, even if you don't know it. Taking a critical step back from your workflow can help you uncover hidden inefficiencies that may be lurking. Download this eBook to break down your workflow in different stages: front office, pre-exam, exam, optical, and billing.

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Resolution: Get Rid of Bad Claim Filing Habits

If your claims and billing department is where you want to focus efforts in 2016, this is the resolution for you. Bad habits in any job are easy to pick up, and we want to help you, or your biller, eliminate bad claim filing habits once and for all. Now that the ICD-10 transition is out of the way you can focus on fine tuning those claim filing processes.

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Resolution: Exceed Industry Benchmarks

Monitoring your practice's performance is one of the easiest ways to help your practice boost profits. If you know where your practice is under-performing it's easier to make adjustments. This eBook discusses 8 benchmarks you should be paying attention to in your practice, the formulas to calculate them, and industry averages so you can see where your practice ranks. 


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