2021 Eyecare Practice Marketing Calendar

Coming up with patient engaging events in your practice can be tricky. We want to help jumpstart your year by giving you a snapshot of events and moments you can look forward to. A solid game plan is crucial to setting up your marketing campaigns for success and deciding a budget. Of course, your circumstances might change throughout the year, so keep your calendar flexible when that happens.

Start filling up your content calendar for the year now. As events and promotions pop up, you can fill in the gaps. Here's a list of events and promotional ideas for each month of the year:

Eyecare Practice Marketing: 2021 Calendar


  • Black History Month
    • Honor Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and other Black leaders who wore classic frame styles
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration and Low Vision Awareness Month
    • Inform patients about 50 (and definitely those above 70) about the screenings you have available



  • Healthy Vision Month
    • Write a blog titled 5 Easy Eye Health Steps to Take This Month
    • Make a list of eye-healthy foods



  • July 4th: How to Keep Your Eyes Safe During Independence Day
  • Run a special on photochromic lenses or polarized sunglasses


  • Vision & Learning Month
    • Create a special learning corner in your practice with books and eye diagrams for kids
    • Run a giveaway on your social accounts for children's books



  • October 14th: World Sight Day
    • Donate to a charity like Optometry Giving Sight
    • Encourage patients to donate to a charity to promote accessibility to eye exams around the world


  • Diabetes Awareness Month
    • Educate patients on the eye-health risks associated with diabetes
    • Create a video on how to know if you need a screening & preventative methods
  • November 11th: Veteran's Day
    • Discounted exams or products for veterans

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