3 Secrets For Managing Your Optometric Practice Staff

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Thu, May 24, 2018 @ 15:05 PM

ODs can often attribute their success to their like-minded, hardworking staff. Unfortunately, a common challenge in the eyecare industry is hiring and managing staff members. High turnover rates make running an effective optometric practice difficult because of the challenges of training while continuing to operate on a full schedule. Below are some tips to help you manage your staff more effectively to avoid burnout and boost morale.

Tips For Managing Your Optometric Practice Staff

Hire The Right PeopleManaging an effective optometric practice staff.

One bad hire can bring down an entire team. When looking to bring new talent into your optometric practice, it’s vital that you vet candidates to help identify the strongest fit for your team and the role that they will be doing.

Whether you’re trying to backfill a position or you’re looking to increase your staff count to meet the growing demands of your practice, use these tips to avoid hiring the wrong candidate for your practice:

Create A Thriving Culture

How would you describe your practice culture? Now, how would your staff describe it?

Having a defined culture that you and your staff agree on can boost morale, increase staff loyalty, and reduce burnout. Some ways you can create a positive practice culture include:

  • Making breaks mandatory
  • Having social off-sites
  • Creating transparent communication
  • Offering rewards

Develop Your Team

Giving your staff opportunities to learn and grow provides new challenges that keep your best employees from getting bored and looking for career changes. Whether you’re offering online training, cross training, promoting high-performers, or inviting staff to a tradeshow, investing in your staff’s career development will help you grow your practice and preserve your team.


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