Spooky Season In Your Eyecare Practice

With Halloween quickly approaching, we want to ensure your eyecare practice is ready to celebrate with your patients! Celebrating a light-spirited holiday like Halloween is a great way to brighten your office's environment with decorations, costumes, and lots of candy for children!
Here are a few tips we think will help: 

Bring the Halloween Spirit to your Practice


Decorating your eyecare practice at the beginning of October to set the spooky aesthetic of Halloween is a great way to bring the Halloween Spirit to your office. It can increase staff member morale and decrease anxiety for children  in the waiting room. One tip to consider when decorating your office is investing in a bulletin board for your waiting room or hallways. You can use the bulletin board to communicate with staff, decorate for events, and celebrate other holidays .

You can search for decorating inspiration using Pinterest, YouTube, or TikTok.

Pumpkin GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY


Working on a holiday can sometimes be a real drag for your employees. However, letting your staff wear Halloween costumes can help excite them to come in and show off their creativity. Setting up a contest with categories for best costume is a great way to create excitement for your employees. You can even involve patients and have them help vote!

Social Media Posts

It's becoming more common for people to research business reviews before making an appointment. Documenting your office's fun activities and events, (like this year's Halloween costume contest 😉) on Facebook or LinkedIn can help attract even more customers.

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