Free Optometry Patient Surveys that Boost ROI

Posted by Madhu Singh on Thu, Dec 10, 2020 @ 09:12 AM

Throughout your career in eyecare, you have to make hundreds of choices on who you hire, how they're trained, what protocols you put in place, what kind of customer service you provide, and of course how you choose to deliver the best patient care.

Understanding what your patients actually want from your services is most helpful before you embark on a practice expansion, move locations, hire a new team member, or switch to new software. That's why we created 4 targeted surveys that allow your patients to have a say in various parts of their experience in your practice.

Download the surveys for free at this link or keep reading to learn more.

Crafting the Perfect Patient Experience with Surveys

kit header image-1In our kit, we'll share the best distribution methods, timing, and how the responses can influence the return on any large improvements you decide to make.
At under 5 minutes per survey, we created intentional and focused questions so that you don't have to ask multiple background questions during your exam or optical fittings. Our aim was to only uncover information that will be valuable to your bottom line as an eyecare provider.

These surveys focus on optimizing:

  • Office resources, education, and digital communication
  • Explaining costs, customer service, and checkout
  • Providing the ideal testing and exam experience
  • Pre-exam patient lifestyle & background questions
  • Shopping your optical dispensary

Every survey is pre-designed in a Microsoft Word document so you can easily edit the questions/answer choices to you specific requirements. You can also upload them into an online survey creator and administer them online so you have access to analytics tools. 


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