How to Use Content to Promote Services

Informational content is having a big moment online. More and more people are turning to internet searches to learn everything they need to know from finding the best burger in town to checking reviews of local schools for their kids. Creating content that shows up in these searches is a good way you can get traffic to your practice's website, other than putting out google search ads.

We encourage you to think outside the box when you're promoting your services. In marketing, this is usually called inbound content marketing because you're not creating direct promotional materials. However, you're getting people to click a link that leads to your website allowing them to become more familiar with your brand and business. We'll share a few tips for creating these pieces to get your practice started in the world of content marketing.

Promote Your Eyecare Services Discreetly

Video Education on Screenings

Before visiting your practice, most patients don't know what different screenings are available to them. They also probably aren't aware of the different eye diseases they might be at risk for, which means they might go years between eye exams if they don't experience reduced vision. Of course, this is a risky move that you want patients to avoid. We suggest making short, 1-minute videos about why patients with 20/20 vision should come in for eye exams. You can make more videos on different types of screenings. Film these with a webcam or phone set up on a bookshelf in your practice as a makeshift "tripod" that is still steady and professional. Then, you can post them directly to all your social media accounts, website, blog, or send them in emails to your existing patient base.

Special Devices & Tools

We know that medical devices cost a pretty penny, so you should show them off to your patients as much as possible. If you've invested in an optomap or autorefractor that's updated and gives you a competitive edge, make it known through your marketing. Also, teach your front desk staff and technicians to talk about why it's great and why patients prefer it for pretests. It may feel awkward at first because usually bragging isn't something that comes naturally, but this is a different case. Most patients may not realize they're having a better experience due to the tools you're using. Post photos on your website of new devices.

Blogging About Local Events

Local events, trends, viral videos, or other hot topics are usually highly searched in your area when they occur. The time period you have to jump on the bandwagon may be short, but it could help gain practice recognition for people who could become patients. For example, if there's a story in the paper that's fascinating and remotely eye-related, you could write a blog about it and encourage your staff and patients to share it. Otherwise, it doesn't have to be eye related for your staff to create a video, photo, or just respond to the story in some way. These posts may seem small, but they also build your practice a sense of personality over time.

Promoting your services goes hand in hand with adapting your practice to the needs of your patients. Ask them what they want through this free kit of patient surveys.


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