How "Love is Blind" Relates to Optical Dispensaries

The binge-worthy Netflix TV show called Love is Blind has been a hit the past couple of years. If you aren't familiar with the show, the premise is that several single people date each other just through talking behind closed doors. Then, in order to get to see the person they've been talking to, they must propose and get married. Sight unseen.

Although we usually write about healthcare changes, dealing with uncertainty in your practice, and optimizing your technology, we also want to inject some fun into your email inbox. Enjoy our take on how the TV show's premise can apply to your practice and patients. (Just for the sake of this blog, we're equating Love is Blind to your patients buying glasses online or without shopping your dispensary.)

Why Patients Shouldn't Purchase Blindly

How quickly can your patients commit to a purchase?

In the TV show, some participants are interested in multiple people and can't choose who to propose to whereas others know within the first few days. If you had to take a guess, how long does it take for your patients to make a purchase? A good quality pair of frames can last years, so it's not unusual for a patient to take hours or even return on a different day to make the final decision. Sometimes patients end up choosing the first pair they were attracted to, even after an hour of deliberation. As many skilled opticians know, some patients need that time and the release of any pressure to make the final, best choice.

Is it smart to purchase frames without seeing them in real life?

If you have patients coming into your practice for an exam who are in need of frames, it's only wise that they shop in-person. Love is Blind is even loose evidence to the fact that patients should try on frames in your dispensary before they buy. Even though online retailers boast virtual try-on features and shipping samples, these are not the same as holding the pair of frames that you're spending hundreds of dollars on. Nothing compares to seeing yourself wearing the glasses and making adjustments on the spot with trained opticians.

How long a commitment are you willing to make, sight unseen?

It's highly possible some participants in the show are happy to commit to a good person to marry for now, but they are open to it not lasting forever. Would your patients rather shop around for frames that will last them years or settle for the cheaper or trendier option that they might get bored of or break in a year? These are questions both your optician and the participants of the TV show ask themselves regularly.

(No spoilers) but it doesn't always work out.

Of course, purchasing a pair of glasses is not the same as choosing a life partner. We know that. However, several couples in the TV show end up not getting married after a month of engagement and planning. It can be heartbreaking and feel like a waste of energy. That's why we think that Love is Blind teaches the lesson that initial interest can be sparked without tangible evidence. However, a lasting relationship (or frames purchase) requires more expertise and time.

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Editor's Note: This blog was originally published in March 2022, and updated in February 2023. 

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