Top Eyecare Blogs of 2021

Every year we'll conduct a round up of our most read articles to keep a pulse on the interests of our audience. However, this time we're sharing a mid-year round up because the world has been changing so rapidly this year. Are you curious to know which articles your peers are paying attention to in this era of information?

This year on the blog, we've discussed how to adapt your practice to procedural changes, regulatory updates, and safety concerns. Which pieces have you found most interesting?

Keep reading to see our top articles and understand why you should read them too.

What have optometrists been reading this year?

These are the most viewed blog posts so far this year. With tens of thousands of viewers and close to 1,700 blogs, we always find it eye-opening to see which pieces are receiving the most interest. What do you notice when looking at this list?

Right off the bat, we can tell that our readers are concerned with their optical sales and improving them. This could mean reducing overhead costs, improving the sales process, or implementing a new campaign or idea altogether. The articles above provide actionable steps you can take to get your practice's sales to the next level or reduce your financial burden. These ideas have been top of mind now that practices need to make up for the lost revenue of 2020.

The articles also showcase that ODs are intent on managing their practice thoroughly. When was the last time you changed your management techniques, created an ambitious 5-year-plan, or tried something new with your staff? If you research in advance, opening up your own practice or reorganizing your staff could unlock plenty of potential new revenue and opportunities. Having your own practice could allow you to check off big career upgrades like focusing on medical exams or hiring another OD. Taking small steps towards your goals will also give your staff necessary direction for the end of this year.

We're big fans of planning ahead to reap high profit margins. If you are too, open our online ebook for Starting a 5 Year Plan in Optometry.


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