Resources to Defend Costs in Your Eyecare Practice

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Tue, May 09, 2017 @ 14:05 PM

One of the biggest reasons independent optometrists are losing patients and money has to do with the low-cost options of online retailers that consumers can choose from to purchase their frames and lenses. In order to be able to compete with low-cost competitors you need to provide value to your patients about the services and products you're selling in your practice. We've talked about this important topic a lot on the blog, and today we've compiled our best resources to help everyone in your eyecare practice educate and inform patients on the quality care and products they are receiving from your office.

How to Show Patients the Value of Your Eyecare Practice

Defending the Contact Lens Evaluation Feeeyecare practice fees

One of the biggest cost challenges from many patients is often about the cost of a contact lens evaluation fee. Patients typically aren't aware of the extra time, resources, and expertise that is put into the contact lens exam and need to be better informed of why this is a charge they are paying for. A few things we suggest to help you defend and avoid contact lens evaluation confrontations are:

  • Use an info sheet to explain what's included
  • Quote fees ahead of appointments
  • Think about the words you use to describe the cost - evaluation or exam
  • Make it non-negotiable

Educating on the Cost of Spectacle Lenses

Just like with the contact lens evaluation costs, many patients don't understand the high costs of purchasing frames and lenses from your practice when there are significantly cheaper alternatives. Visuals are a great way to share information and educate your patients, so we put together a quick infographic that helps compare the daily costs of quality frames and lenses with other common daily costs. When you break down the price of your lenses by day and compare it to other expenses like coffee, gas, or a cell phone bill it becomes more relatable and less daunting. 

Managing Frame Repair Costs

Managing costs for frame repairs and adjustments can get a little tricky. Depending on the age of the frame and where it was purchased could affect the costs associated with maintenance and adjustments. Having a policy in place for these situations is a good baseline for managing the conversation and staying consistent with your patients when they come in for a repair.

Referring to Your Entire Staff as Experts

Another way to help your patients find value in your eyecare practice is by referring to your entire team as experts. Much of a patient's experience with your pratice occurs with other members of your staff, so if you're referring to your opticians as experts in frames and lenses, and your tech as an expert in pre-testing it will help build trust with your patients throughout their entire appointment. On top of that, it will help boost staff morale and make them feel more empowered to perform their jobs and to cultivate the patient experience. 

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