Things We Shared About Claim Management This Year

The year is coming to a close, and your busy season is almost over. Now is the time to collect on your claim reimbursements, look back on your year, and prepare for 2017. At VisionWeb, we often look back at our year and assess the topics we’ve covered. And, we found your favorite posts on claim filing and claim management.

Your Favorite Claim Management Posts from 2016View our top posts on claim management!

Optometric Billing Solution Showdown: Clearinghouse vs Revenue Cycle Management

Sometimes, selecting the optometric billing solution that is right for your practice can be a difficult decision. To assist in your claim management process and help maximize your claim reimbursements, we explain in this post the benefits of a clearinghouse solution and a revenue cycle management service.

Optometric Billing Tips to Avoid Claim Denials

Avoiding claim denials may seem like a dream in your practice. Thankfully, it can be a reality if you have the right processes in place. This post provides three proactive steps that you can use in your practice to help avoid claim denials.

You Just Lost Your Optometric Billing Manager, Now What?

Just when you think that everything is running smoothly, your optometric biller accepts another job. Now, you have to find a replacement before your claims pile up and you lose revenue from reimbursements. Explore your three options for replacing your optometric billing manager in this post.

How to Avoid 4 Common Claim Filing Mistakes that Cause Denials

Claim denials put a lot of pressure on your practice and your biller. This post lists four common claim filing mistakes that cause denials and what you can do to handle these errors and prevent them in the future.

All of Your Claim Management Questions Answered

Still looking for more information about claim management? You’re not alone. Whether you’ve looked into selecting a claims management solution for your optometric practice or not, you’re bound to have some questions. In this post, we cover a few of the questions you might be asking if you want to get started with a claim solution.

Does Your Practice Need an Optometric Billing Manager?

An optometric biller with the right tools can transform your claims workflow into an efficient revenue stream for your optical practice. But sometimes, bringing an experienced biller in-house could cost you more than you’ll earn. This post offers five questions you should ask yourself to determine if your practice needs an optometric billing manager.


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