Industry Update: Eyecare Tradeshows in a Post-COVID World

If anything, quarantine has taught us that human beings crave face-to-face human interactions. Businesses were forced to adapt when the pandemic hit to sustain the health and success of not only their business, but customers as well. The optical industry was no different than other brick and mortar establishments.

Specifically, industry tradeshows were used as a great networking tool to help grow connections with potential customers. They provided a space for physicians, vendors, and other eye care professionals to gather to build relationships and learn about new technologies. As Vision Expo East 2022 is quickly approaching, we’re going to discuss getting the most out of tradeshows in a post-COVID world.

Tradeshows During the Pandemic: Pros and Cons

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As mentioned before, the pandemic forced many businesses to be creative to continue to have the same outreach and results as in person events. This caused tradeshows to rely heavily on the virtual experience. The virtual booth was created for individuals who weren’t comfortable traveling or unable to attend in person.

One pro of having a virtual booth option was the ability to reach an audience that otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. Using the chat bots, you will be connected to a real person who can answer all your questions at the same capacity as an in-person experience. All of this can happen from the comfort of your own home or practice, so you wouldn’t miss out on patient visits and potential revenue. We believe the virtual booth is here to stay, especially considering how it makes tradeshow specials accessible to more professionals.

A con to consider when relying on a virtual experience is the inability to connect on the same level to build a genuine connection with vendors that you are aiming to work with for years to come. Now that a vaccine has been created and most healthcare workers are required to be vaccinated, people feel more comfortable to travel, go to events in-person, etc. 

Your practice will also benefit from the ability to walk through the demo process with trusted vendors and see the capabilities of how Uprise EHR/ PM software, RCM (Revenue Claims Management) services, and the VisionWeb Ordering Platform can help maximize profits and workflows. This can smooth the transition and ease the stress of making a big monetary investment or changing your practice’s software.

If you're interested in learning more about Vision Expo and are unable to attend. Click here to join us in our Virtual Booth!

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