5 Resolutions to Grow Your Eyecare Practice

Still struggling to think of a New Year’s resolution for your optical practice?

When it comes to selecting a New Year’s resolution for your eyecare practice, you can start looking at different focused areas that will help your practice grow. If you’re still struggling to come up with a few resolutions that will help propel your practice to success in 2017, we’ve listed a few ideas below to help.

5 New Year Resolutions for Eyecare Practices

Increase Your Marketing EffortsGrow your eyecare practice

A good marketing strategy for the year will not only bring in new patients, but it will also keep your existing patients loyal to your practice. Increasing optical marketing efforts to improve patient retention and acquisition is a common goal. However, this can cost money. When looking at your optical marketing resources, examine the strategies that align with your practice needs and community demographics.

Improve on Industry Benchmarks

Monitoring your practice’s performance should be a monthly exercise. While many optometric practice owners try to monitor their performance, many don’t know how they stack-up against other eye care professionals. If you’re not sure if your practice is meeting industry benchmarks, or if you’d like to find ways you can exceed the benchmarks, download this ebook for tips, calculations, and advice from industry experts.

Reduce Bad Claim Filing Habits

If your practice is losing out on money you earned because you didn’t  file insurance claims effectively, leaving denied or rejected claims, then it’s time you examine your claim filing habits. With the competition from online retailers cutting into your dispensary profits, your practice relies on the revenue generated from claim reimbursements now more than ever.

Whether your practice needs to hire more resources, onboard a robust clearinghouse solution, or outsource complex components for your claims management processes, there are many claim filing habits your practice can eliminate in 2017 to reconcile claims and generate a bigger profit from reimbursements.

Understand MACRA and MIPS

In 2017, there are a lot of changes being made that will impact the future of your eyecare practice. With the addition of MIPS and MACRA, your practice can start early on the reporting to give your practice a greater chance at securing the positive payout in 2019. If you start early and understand how the program works, not only will you be earning money from incentive payments but you can also establish yourself as the thought leader and may be able to secure speaking opportunities, write thought leadership articles, or offer workshops to help educate others on how to be successful.

Optimize Your Practice Workflow

A chaotic office workflow can cause patients to leave your practice due to excessive wait times and unorganized practice structure. Optimizing your practice workflow will help you and your staff work more efficiently to see more patients throughout the day and improve the quality of care.

Breaking down each stage of your office workflow will help you uncover any inefficiencies. As you discover where your workflow needs help, consider what technologies are available to minimize errors or repetitive tasks.

For tips on how your practice can optimize your workflow, download the ebook, Practice Efficiency: Optimizing Your Workflow with Optometry Software.

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