3 April Fools Ideas for your Practice

Is your practice ready to partake in the annual April Fools pranks and hoaxes this year? Well ready or not April 1st is quickly approaching, and you better hope you’re more prepared than Dwight Schrute, from the comical show “The Office”. Fans of the show can't contest that the pranks Jim pulls on Dwight are harmless, but they stir up quite a humorous reaction from everyone in the office.

Celebrating a silly holiday like April Fools Day is a great way to increase morale and productivity through maintaining a positive work environment. A funny joke to consider that are office friendly is placing empty boxes of your staff's favorite foods and treats on breakroom tables to get their priceless reaction of pure disappointment when they reach for the snack, only to discover it’s empty. Today, let’s discuss 3 ideas on how to bring the April Fools spirt to your unsuspecting employees and patients!

3 April Fool pranks for your practice


Pranking your patients

As previously discussed, enjoying lighthearted pranks in your office is a great way to boost morale and create a memorable experience for patients, so why not include them in on the fun? Bringing your patients in on the laugh is a great way to build relationships with them and break the ice while getting a good smile out of it! An example of an appropriate joke is placing tiny pictures of the doctors around the facility and waiting for patients to point them out. This is a great ice breaker for the staff and patients to start laughing and warming up to one another.

Pranking your staff

As an OD in an office, there is typically a level of professionalism your staff subconsciously shows towards you. Especially if there is a new hire or recently onboarded employee. They more than likely would be the the least suspecting staff member to target your prank on. That being said, a lighthearted prank would be a great way to start building a relationship with your new (or even veteran) staff member. A classic prank to consider is a hidden fake bug or rodent, but make it obvious enough to eventually be seen. Their initial reaction when they see the fake bug will surely get a good laugh out of everyone, you could even film it to post to your social media account with their consent.

Pranking The OD

We've already covered how some ideas on how you can prank your patients and other staff members. Now we can cover how to prank your doctor or office manager so you can make sure they never see it coming! Have your office coordinate a theme day on April 1st. For example, everyone(but the doctor) showing up to work in 80's attire will surely confuse the doctors working that day. It will definitely get a good laugh out of everyone, including unexpecting patients. This is such an easy way to create a fun work environment and get the whole office in on a lighthearted silly holiday.

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