5 Reasons Your Eyecare Product Ordering Should Be Done Online

Posted by Hannah Hutyra on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 08:04 AM

Online eyecare product ordering creates the most efficient form of optical dispensing in an eyecare practice, so clinging onto those old habits shouldn’t be an option anymore if you want to compete. Making the change to online ordering is a small step that will certainly reap much bigger rewards.

Online ordering also opens your eyecare practice up to a new world of resources, including practice management integrations, which have the ability to streamline the day-to-day workload at your practice.

Download our free eBook to see how much these 5 reasons can make a difference in your eyecare practice’s optical dispensing processes.

Free-eBook-5-Reasons-Your-Product-Ordering-Should-Be-Done-OnlineThe 5 reasons you’ve been waiting for:

  1. Online orders are more accurate than other methods
  2. Online orders can be placed from your integrated practice management system
  3. Online ordering lets you track orders in real time without picking up the phone
  4. Your patients get their glasses faster
  5. Online ordering will help make your staff happier and more productive

The emergence of Internet means that eyecare practices are able to place orders more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Up-to-date practices get this, which is why they use online ordering as their method of choice. We sure think online ordering is right for you, but you should check it out for yourself!


Optical Ordering Online

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