Video: Advice from an Optometry Marketing Professional

Posted by Madhu Singh on Thu, Jul 09, 2020 @ 08:07 AM

In a recent Review of Optometric Business survey, optometry practices have stated that they are looking to increase their marketing efforts now that their practice is reopen. However, most practices are reopening and it's almost certain that competition for both new and existing patients will be high.

There are a few budget-friendly marketing campaigns you can focus on in June and July to make locals aware of your practice's new protocols and strengthen your brand.

We interviewed Zvi Pardes, Head of Content Marketing at EyeCarePro, for his expert advice on the best ways to handle marketing your optometry practice after a financial setback. He provided us responses in the format that boosts engagement the most: videos.

Expert Eyecare Marketing Advice from: Zvi Pardes

1. For eyecare practices with a limited marketing budget, what are the most impactful campaigns to focus on?

2. How can digital marketing help a practice recover from extended closure or
setbacks to their new patient growth?

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