How to Market Your Eyecare Practice Reopening

After almost 2 months of closure, optometry practices are slowly reopening in many states. While this means imposing new sanitation requirements and safety measures to protect patients and staff, it also means letting patients know that you're back in business.

Because competition for patients is high right now, you'll need to make sure your practice's reopening messaging stands out from other practices in your area.

We want to ease some of the burden by providing some of our ideas for marketing your reopening.

Get Patients Back in Your Optometry Practice After COVID 19

marketingDigital Campaigns

As many people are still working remotely and avoiding public spaces, traditional local advertising might not be as beneficial to you. Start with Google or Facebook ads that target residents in your zip code to blast the message that your practice is open for new appointments and be sure to link to your online patient portal. 

We also encourage that you reach out to your existing patients due for a routine exam first. As for potential new patients, make sure you're showcasing the value of visiting your eyecare practice for those who don't show symptoms of illness.


Going the extra mile right now could make all the difference for patients who have been eager to renew their prescriptions. Patients likely have quite a few offers considering most optometry practices will be trying to attract patients and fill their empty schedules. While we don't believe in over-extending your staff or resources, there are a few things you could offer that would be mutually beneficial. Here are a few ideas:

  • extended evening or weekend hours
  • online patient portal with patient education
  • referral code offers
  • blue-light blocking lens discounts
  • multi-pair discounts

Showcase Priorities

Once you have patients either opening your emails or viewing your online advertising, you can reel them in by showing how you're making your practice a safer place for patients. Outline social distancing procedures, temperature requirements, mask requirements, and any other precautions you're taking. Patients will appreciate your efforts and are more likely to stay loyal knowing that you value their health over the profit of your business.

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