What an Eyecare Practice Looks Like According to Stock Photos

Stock photos are all over the internet these days. They are typically overly generic and a complete misrepresentation of what the image is trying to portray. And if we are being totally honest, we are just as guilty as the next person when it comes to using stock photos.

We thought that it would be entertaining to see what types of stock photos come up first when we type in some common terms about being an optometrist and life in your practice. It will probably give you a good laugh about what stock photos portray an eyecare practice as. You be the judge. Are these photos a good representation of your practice?

Stock Photos Explain What Life is Like in an Eyecare Practice

Keywords: eye care practice

Portrait of an ophthalmologist working at her practice wearing a facemask Portrait of an ophthalmologist working at her practice wearing a facemask to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic and looking at camera – healthcare concepts Optometry Stock Photo

What we can learn: It's quite obvious that this photo is a model who is posing, which most potential patients can recognize. Also, the medical equipment is simply a prop in the background, which is just a lost opportunity. Putting an image like this on your website feels unnatural, so we encourage getting someone on your team to take candid photos of the optometrists actually using the equipment.

Keywords: patient check in

Receptionist lobby with patients Receptionist lobby with patients Hotel Reception Stock Photo

What we can learn: We don't have many negatives to say about this photo, actually. This could be a good photo to recreate when you're conducting a photoshoot of your practice. The angle showcases the patient scheduling software, front desk, and a bit of the practice. We notice the patient is handing paper over to the front desk staff, but we hope you can achieve a paperless and contact-free check-in process with the right software. However, be sure to get your patients' permission to include them in promotional materials.

Keywords: optical exam

little child closing eye with eye test behind little child closing eye with eye test behind Optometry Stock Photo

What we can learn: While the Snellen Eye Chart is probably the most recognizable part of an eye exam, it's definitely not the only eye test you'll be giving your patients. With all of the new technology and advanced testing available today it's easy for your patients to fall behind or be intimidated by your equipment and machines. Walking your patients through the exam and explaining what each test does and why it is important will help build the trust and loyalty that you're looking for with your patients.

Keywords: buying eyeglasses

In the optics store In the optics store Eyeglasses Stock Photo

What we can learn: This is another example of an effective stock photo. The photo includes the dispensary shelves without singling out any brands. It also shows that patients enjoy purchasing from your dispensary because they can take their time trying on multiple frames at once. You can emphasize the important of comparing and contrasting in person instead of putting frames in your cart from images online.

Keywords: electronic health record

Background photo showing medical record changing from paperwork to electronic medical record. Background photo showing medical record changing from paperwork to electronic medical record. Electronic Medical Record Stock Photo

What we can learn: Electronic health records are an important part of keeping your practice modern and up to date. Patients want to have access to their health information at the click of a button, and if you aren't using electronic health records in your practice you're falling behind on this patient need. There are some EHRs that let you access your system and patient data from a tablet which increases mobility even more for you and your patients.

Keywords: cloud computing

Shopping cart symbol futuristic sketch Cyber cloud symbol project creating. Abstract concept of data storage, database, computing, servers, archive and documents safety 3d illustration. Drawing digital scheme line of futuristic idea. Cloud Computing Stock Photo

What we can learn: It's no wonder people find "the cloud" to be a confusing topic. With photos like these it leaves a lot of room for questions. As a cloud software provider we have a lot of resources to better help you understand the cloud and the benefits that it could have for your practice.

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Originally published in 2015. Updated in 2021 for accuracy of content.

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