Optometry Office Software: Benefits of Using Tablets in Your Practice

Technology has been at the forefront of modernizing healthcare and optometry office software across the globe. And while many advancements in technology come with a hefty price tag, we've got one that won't bust your bank.

Tablets. Are you using them in your eyecare practice? Or, are you still resorting to being grounded to a desktop computer? While tablets may not be for everyone, there are a handful of benefits that tablets can provide for your practice. Android tablets or iPads are versatile and can provide both you and your staff with a more modern way of running your practice.

Optometry Office Software:
3 Ways Tablets Will Change Your Practice

optometry office softwareIncrease Your Mobility

One of the most obvious benefits that tablets can offer your practice is mobility. You're able to keep your tablet on you and carry it from room-to-room as you visit each patient. You can access your cloud-based optometry office software for easy patient documentation throughout an exam. And, you'll save time accessing your system this way instead of logging in and out of desktops as you move around the office. What's even better is that you can take your tablet home with you and access your information from home as well, or anywhere with an Internet connection while you're on the go!

Build Relationships with Your Patients

Using a tablet during a patient exam is going to help foster your relationship with your patients. You won't  have to keep your back turned to them while you ask them questions so that you can enter their information into your practice management and EHR system, on a desktop computer. Tablets allow you to sit across from your patients, make eye contact, and build trust as you have a conversation with them to discuss their exam, medical history, symptoms, and test results.

Access to Apps that Improve Overall Healthcare

Tablets also give you the flexibility to download outside apps that could help provide better overall healthcare for patients. There are hundreds of apps out there to help you in your office, and to help patients better manage and take control of their own healthcare from home. Here's just a few that we think are great tools to be utilizing in your practice, or to help educate your patients:

  • Vision Test - This app can help your patients better understand their vision problems, and help manage their eyecare between exams. 
  • PocketPharmacist - This app allows patients to enter and manage all of their prescriptions and medications. It comes complete with alerts, medication reminders, and profile print outs. 
  • iBespectacled - Coming soon. An app for opticians and eyewear retailers.
  • VisionWeb App - Use this app to view your pending orders, check the status of submitted orders, and access archived orders placed on VisionWeb.
  • ICD-10 Virtual Code Book - The Precyse University ICD-10 Virtual Code Book app allows you to enter clinical terms, disease, or condition names to search for specific ICD-10 codes.

Some of these app features might already be covered by your practice management and EHR solution, so you might not even need to download extra applications. But if it doesn't, we think that these will be a great supplement! 

Now that you know all of the benefits that tablets can have for you practice, check out Uprise, a cloud-based practice management system, to help mobilize your office!

Uprise Eyecare Practice Management

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