How to Avoid the Fall Slump in Your Optical Practice

As we set into fall, there is a lot to look forward to: cooler weather, cozier clothing, and pumpkin flavored everything. On the reverse side, there are some things about fall you may be dreading, one of those things being the fall slump. As the end of the year approaches, it seems we become unmotivated in various aspects of our lives, including work.

With the back to school rush coming to a halt, and the end of the year being a few months away, you might also be suffering from a fall slump in your sales as well. You don't have to let your practice become a victim of the fall slump; there are some things you can do in your practice to get your books and your staff through the rest of the year.

Use These Tips to Avoid the Fall Slump in Your Optical Practice

Avoid Overworking

It can be tempting to tell yourself to "power through" and make it to the end of the year, but finding a balance in your practice is important. Overworking yourself and your staff will lead to frustration and poor patient care. Take the time to stay focused on managing a "do-able" schedule.

Find Motivation

Come together with your staff to find a common source of motivation to get you through this season. It can be a photo, a quote, an original saying, or even a song; look for something that represents your practice's culture. Once you find your motivation piece, be sure to display it in your office (or play it often if it is a song) to serve as a reminder for you and your staff.

Keep Your Long-Term Goals in Mind

One of the worst parts of the fall slump is losing sight of your long-term goals. Take extra time during the fall to focus on everything your practice is hoping to accomplish long-term. Discuss with your staff how the short-term goals you set in your practice help to serve your long-term goals.

Set small goals during this time, and reward yourself and your staff when these goals are met. Consider having monthly sales goals, or weekly patient visit goals. When these goals are met, do something fun for your staff like bringing in a special lunch, or going out for after-work drinks. Having something to look forward to will help keep everyone motivated, especially when it comes to sales.

Beef up Your Social Presence 

If things are a bit slow in your office right now, use your extra free time to get a boost in your social media presence. Take extra time to interact with your patients to help strengthen those relationships and increase loyalty. You can even plan out some frame styling contests and promotions through social media that will help boost your dispensary sales in order to reach your goals. 

It is important to constantly be searching for new sources of motivation in your optical practice. What are some of your favorite motivation tips?

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Originally published in September 2015

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