Why You Should Support Your Local Eyecare Practice

As an eyecare practitioner, you understand the value that you and your staff of professionals offer to the patients in your community, but sometimes it can be difficult to get patients to understand the importance of supporting their local practice. That's why we have created this patient focused article that stresses the importance of supporting local practices, and other local businesses within your community. We hope you will share this within your communities to inspire your patients. 

6 Reasons to Support Your Local Independent Eyecare Practice

1. Local Businesses Help Support Your Local Economylocal eyecare practice

Local businesses put more of their revenue back into the local economy compared to larger chains. The same is true for local eyecare practices. A recent article by the Huffington Post shated an infographic stating that when spending $100 at a local business, $68 goes back into the local economy, compared to spending $100 at a large chain where only $48 goes back into the local economy. In addition, the majority of the taxes you spend locally stay local, meaning that by supporting your local eyecare practice, you are helping fund schools, police, and fire departments. By supporting local businesses, everyone wins from an economic stand point.

2. Local Businesses Build Strong Communities

In addition to supporting the local community economically, small businesses help support the community socially. Non-chain businesses help develop character in a town which helps raise the property value for everyone. Your local practice is unique and can offer you an experience you won't be able to find anywhere else.

3. Your Local Eyecare Practice Will Have a More Unique and Diverse Frame Selection

Large retailers keep their inventory stocked based off of national sales plans which can limit the uniqueness of their selection. Your local practice selects their frames based on their own interests which helps guarantee a broader range of product choices for you!

4. Small Businesses Create Healthy Competition

When you purchase from large retailers and chains, you are further allowing them the opportunity to create monopolizations over different industries. By supporting your local practice, you are supporting healthy business competition that leads to innovation, and ultimately lower prices in the long-run. 

5. Neighbors Support Neighbors

Your local eyecare practices are owned by your neighbors. These are the people who live and volunteer in your town. Why wouldn't you want to support them? Local businesses also tend to be more generous when it comes to supporting charities and community events in the town in which they are located. So, you give to them, and they give back to you.

6. Small Businesses Offer Better Customer Service

A small independent practice is more likely to hire people with a better understanding of the job they perform, which means you'll get better service during your appointments. You'll also get the benefits of interacting with a staff that feels connected to their community, and they will take more time to get to know you, creating a more personal eyecare experience.

Those are just six of the many benefits you'll see when you support the local eyecare practitioner in your town. We encourage you to visit the local practice in your town and discover the many other benefits they have to offer you, your community, and your eye health.

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