7 Optometry Blog Articles Our Readers are Obsessed with This Year

If you're curious what your peers in optometry are interested in, these blogs have been the most-read by our audience this year. They're full of tips, advice, entertainment, and resources for ODs and office managers. Keep reading to see what everyone's buzzing about:

Our Must-Read Optometry Blog Articles

The Best Optometry Podcasts Today

Podcasts usually provide entertainment for long commutes, waiting times, and exercising. However, we corralled the best information podcasts that can keep you updated on eyecare advancements, networking events, industry announcements, and stories from your peers. There's sure to be somethign for everyone in the full list of optometry podcasts.

6 Steps for Calming an Angry Patientblogging.png

Every eyecare professional has to deal with tough, angry, and unfair customers. Although it's inevitable, it never gets easier. After gathering advice from veteran optometrists, we wanted to share some of the best information we heard. You might be surprised by some of their techniques.

Self Care for Optometrist Burnout

You can't be a help to others if you aren't fully rested, patient, and present. That's why we took the hot topic of self care and applied it to optometrists. Read how you can take breaks before, during, and after work while creating a better patient experience overall.

3 Steps to an Agile Optometry Staff

Small staff? No problem. Size doesn't matter if you're running an agile, skilled team. Avoid feeling short staffed with efficient equipment and software, intuitive training and onboarding, and systems in place to manage the growth and needs of your staff. The whole post goes over actionable steps you can take and includes a guide.

Organizational Structure of an Optometry Practice

Most optometrists don't have a business background. However, they're required to run their practice like a small business. This blog shows you how to create an organizational chart for your practice based on individual roles, managers, or departments. Depending on the needs of your practice, this chart can be useful when hiring, moving, or experiencing any large change.

4 Master Marketing Campaigns for ODs

Marketing ideas should feel fresh and innovative. Start with the basic campaigns that are proven to work and customize them to the goals of your practice. Leveraging the expertise of your staff, maximizing the resources and budget you're willing to allocate, and measuring the success of the campaign are all skills that can be learned. Read the full post to find out how.

For more tips on creating the best practice you can, read our ebook on Practice Efficiency.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on July 30, 2016. It has been updated for relevance and richness of content on August 19, 2019.

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