The Ultimate Guide to Optometry Marketing in the US

Posted by Madhu Singh on Thu, Nov 15, 2018 @ 13:11 PM

When you think about marketing in terms of optometry, you probably imagine flyers or advertisements to attract patients to your practice. However, marketing also includes how your optical team positions your products, understands the desires and motivations of your existing patients, and builds your digital presence

For every facet of marketing, we have created blog posts to report on competitor trends, provide solutions to common hurdles, and step-by-step guides to growing your practice.

With over 7 years of research, insight, and engagement in the optical marketing space in the US, we're sure we have resources to answer all of your burning questions. Read on to see all our information on how to get a handle on successfully marketing your practice to local patients and growing your profits.

Optometry Marketing Resources for Practices in the US

Optical Marketing in the USA blog imageOptical Sales

Most marketing tactics exist to elevate your bottom line. We want to help you improve your opticians' sales messaging wording, techniques, and timing first. The blogs below take deep dives into product descriptions, layout, design, and other resources to convert your existing patients into optical dispensary customers.

Patient Building

After you've established the best practices within your office, you can focus on bringing new patients through your doors. Understanding your patient base, local demographics, and market gaps will help you grow your practice overall. These blogs can be a good starting point.

Digital Marketing

Ads, social media accounts, and your optometry practice's website build your online presence. If you're new to retargeting campaigns, building a social following, and establishing credibility, you can read these blogs for a basic understanding of online marketing.

News & Tools

Lastly, once your marketing campaigns are in place, it's vital to keep up to date on what your competitors are doing, the direction the eyecare industry is going, and new software that's popping up to help you. Of course, you can subscribe to our blog for timely updates and read the following posts to get an industry pulse.

Overall, treating your practice like a growing small business is the first step to developing profitable marketing campaigns. Download this ebook below for our actionable advice.

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