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Guest Blog: How Do You Manage Aged AR in Your Practice?

Posted by Jerry Godwin on Thu, Nov 05, 2020 @ 09:11 AM

This year has been tough on all practices. Many are trying to figure out how to bounce back from months of being closed, re-open the practice and face the many patient care challenges. With most practices collecting on the current balance of your accounts receivable (AR), your aged AR (>60-days) is growing. Take a proactive look at  the collectability of your balances with greater than 60-days outstanding.

An efficient process for AR should provide the cash flow necessary to cover current expenses. The more efficient your AR process, the quicker you collect the money you have earned and increase profits. During these stressful times, you cannot afford to leave money on the table or be slow in collecting past due balances. Lets get into the advice that Optometric Medical Solutions (OMS) can offer to help:

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