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Claims Classroom: Understanding Primary Insurance with Medicare

Posted by Shane Shepherd on Tue, Feb 23, 2021 @ 08:02 AM

Shane Shepherd, whom you might know as the presenter for expert billing webinars, built our Revenue Cycle Management team at VisionWeb. He brought with him tons of billing, coding, and claims processing experience from years of working with eyecare practices. He's dropped some insurance related knowledge for us that we hope you'll find useful when dealing with patients paying with insurance cards. 

Today, he is talking about common questions he gets surrounding primary, secondary, replacement, and supplemental insurance claims, specifically in regards to Medicare.

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Important Claims Stats You Should Know in 2020

Posted by Shane Shepherd on Mon, Aug 31, 2020 @ 11:08 AM

Statistics can be manipulated to prove any point you want through the way they’re presented. This is true for all healthcare and other industries, hence why data visualization is such a burgeoning field.

In fact, 85% of all people already know that. However, numbers don’t lie. The numbers are your bottom line in your practice and being aware of certain stats can increase your sense of control during these unprecedented times.

VisionWeb’s RCM service processes between 25-30k procedures billed to Health Insurance Companies a month. Over the years, we’ve collected some important statistics we’d like to share and explain.

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Productively Billing in Your Practice without Patients

Posted by Shane Shepherd on Wed, May 13, 2020 @ 09:05 AM

Shane Shepherd shows how you can take free time to clear up your aging correctly. 

A good friend of mine, who was also once my employer and mentor, was always ready with a quip or little pearls of wisdom. These were often in the form of a quick thought, rather than a long dissertation, but still held the ability to change a body’s perspective once reflected upon.  

In this particular instance, we had just held a meeting about some of the larger initiatives we wanted to tackle. On a busy August day, as we each ran around the office like little army ants, we stopped to offer each other a few encouraging words. John McCormick looks at me says “Man, if it weren’t for these pesky patients, we could actually get something done.” Both of us instantly recognized the accuracy as well as the irony of his statement.

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The Financial Guide: Medicare

Posted by Shane Shepherd on Thu, Jan 09, 2020 @ 08:01 AM

Navigating the world of insurance and billing can be complex at best and profit crippling at worst. When it comes to Medicare billing, there are specific requirements and processes your practice has to follow and understand.

We enlisted the help and advice of Shane Shepherd to unravel the complicated parts of getting your insurance reimbursements. With 17 years of experience, there's almost no claim he can't get paid.

Keep reading to find out the difference between secondary and supplemental Medicare insurance.

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Electronic Claims Processing: Prepare Your Practice Now for ICD-10

Posted by Shane Shepherd on Thu, Jun 25, 2015 @ 10:06 AM

The switch to ICD-10 is happening on October 1, 2015 - a deadline that will be here faster than you know it. This transition has caused a lot of practices to panic, but it doesn't have to! A little preparation goes a long way and we want to help get your practice on the right track. If you're a VisionWeb insurance customer we want you to know that we are already equipped to accept electronic claims that contain ICD-10 data. We just need your help to make sure that we're receiving the appropriate file formats from your system so that we can do a few mapping steps on our end. Once we take care of that we will be able to ensure that everything is passing through correctly.

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