Vinnie Rawat

Business Management

Common Ways Your Practice Is Losing Money

When you have been working at your practice for so many years and can't remember the last time you modernized something, you could find...

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Practice Management, Optical Dispensing, Government and Regulatory Resources

Optical Software: The Run Down on Meaningful Use Stages 1, 2, and 3

There's something we can all relate to when it comes to government policies. We nag about why they keep changing when everything was going...

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EHR Software

Cloud Computing in Optical: Truths, or Are We April Fooling You?

The word "cloud" is becoming part of everyone's daily vocabulary. Whether you know the true meaning of it or not, you know that the cloud...

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Optical Dispensing

Optical Dispensing: 7 Online Ordering Time Savers

We all have an expertise we hold that's sensitive to change and judgement. For many eye care providers that expertise is patient care and...

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Coding & Billing

5 Reasons You'll Fall in Love with Electronic Claim Filing

February is almost over and spring is just around the corner. That means spring break for all the kids in school and more parents flowing...

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Practice Management, Optical Dispensing

Optical Dispensing: Are Your Customers About to Break Up With You?

As the sun rises in the morning, you're ready for a usual day filled with customers from the moment your practice opens, until it closes....

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Marketing and Social Media, Resources

Marketing for Optometrists: 20 EyeCare Retail Trends of 2014

We're here this month with another blog post about marketing for optometrists from our friends at The Optical Vision Site! Believe it or...

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Practice Efficiency, Optical Dispensing

Why Optical Labs Want You to Break Up with Your Fax Machine

We've all been in those relationships that we cling on to even though we know it's time to let go and move on to something better. Maybe...

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Coding & Billing

Resolve to Leave Less Money on the Table with Electronic Claim Filing

When you started managing your practice, you probably realized soon enough that insurance claim filing can be a real patience tester. In...

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Optical Dispensing, Events and Promotions

Optical Dispensing: Participate in VisionWeb's OAA Royalty Program

As a corporate partner of the Opticians Association of American (OAA), VisionWeb was excited to be a part of the OAA's annual Leadership...

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Tips & Tools

Optical Resources | Have You Kept Up with Your Resolutions?

This past month we've talked a lot about bettering yourself and your practice for the new year by owning up to your resolutions. So how are...

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