How to Transition from In-House to Outsourced Optometric Billing

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Thu, Jun 08, 2017 @ 14:06 PM

When it comes to managing something as important as the insurance claims in your eyecare practice, many people can be protective of the process because it is tied directly to their revenue. As a practice owner, it's good to keep an eye on the processes that are making your practice money, but being successful at managing your practice's claim cycle is a full-time job in itself and requires a high level of expertise to keep the cycle rolling along effectively. 

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Optical Resource for Starting a Small Business

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Wed, Jun 07, 2017 @ 14:06 PM

Thinking about starting your own practice, or maybe opening an eyecare related business, but don't know where to start? The kind folks at The Optical Vision Site have found an optical resource for starting your small business. 

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Optometric Practice Marketing Tips For Using AdWords

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Tue, Jun 06, 2017 @ 14:06 PM

When someone is in need of finding a new optometric practice, they usually start looking through a search engine, like Google. To help your chances of being noticed by these potential new patients, you need to get to the top of the first page of Google. The easiest way to do that is to utilize Google AdWords.

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Why Your Practice Should Automate Claim Management

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Thu, Jun 01, 2017 @ 14:06 PM

In any eyecare practice, claim denials are a common place occurance. They are so common because the process of managing a practice's entire claim cycle is a heavy and challenging task. But, the lower your claim denials are the greater your revenue, so what can you do to maximize on your reimbursements and decrease the workload involved?

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A Quick Fix to Reduce Electronic Claim Rejections

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Tue, May 30, 2017 @ 14:05 PM

Claim rejections add work to your already busy optometric billing manager. Not to mention, they cost your practice money. While the reason for an electronic claim rejection varies, making one small adjustment to your claims management lifecycle could result in fewer claim rejects and increased profits.

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